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College Student Grocery List

As the year begins, I can sadly say that this will be my last post writing for Distance Learning. It’s been a good year, and I hope to be back writing soon. In lieu of the events that are about

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Best Social Studies Sites of 2013

Social studies was one of my favorite subjects in school. I actually ended up graduating high school with roughly eleven credits in the subject, when only four were necessary. And with the year about to end, these are the best

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How To: Live Off-Campus

Living off-campus at a four year university must be significantly different from living off-campus at a community college (which probably is because most community colleges don’t have on-campus housing) but it’s still a way of life that needs careful planning

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Tracking Adderall via Twitter

Adderall is a drug that is very much abused by our peers. It is the quintessential study item for some of us. That’s why this study, from NCBI, tracked how much college students all across the nation were talking about

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ADD/ADHD Doesn’t Really Exist As Much As You Think

We can say all we want that ADD and ADHD are real problems for us in Western civilization – but see, that’s just it. It only “exists” in the Western world, meaning that it’s a sham. Here’s why. Now, it’s

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Is Common Core the Educational Obamacare?

I’ve never really believed in Common Core. Frankly, most teachers, parents, and students don’t either. The problem is that the people who try to improve education really have no experience in the field – or if they did, it was

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It’s Okay To Hate College, Right?

I can’t say that I enjoy going to school, but I’ll do it because it’s the safest way to a brighter future. I guess.┬áTurns out, other people hate college – worse than I do. Other people love it more than

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The Wealth Effect

We live in a capitalist system here in the US. That means we have the freedom and ability to make our own way – and either become wealthy or fail, and try again. Wealthiness in the US isn’t exactly a

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