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Students  in high school and college are usually hit by more than one projects each semester. Is project really that hard to do? People may find projects really hard because they do not know how to be creative. In fact, creativity should be something every student has, because creativity is one’s own idea. But unfortunately, many students are used to follow others and just wait for teachers to teach them that they have forgotten how to be creative. This post will give you some tips on competing a creative project successfully.

To be creative is to see the world using your distinctive view. That is why the world is so colorful. Open your eyes and accomplish out of your own ideas. ( Photo by Leanne Green)

To be creative is to see the world using your distinctive view. That is why the world is so colorful. Open your eyes and accomplish out of your own ideas. ( Photo by Leanne Green)

Tip One: Some Project Ideas That Are Creative

There are many ways to do a project, including

  • Video Project: This is right for you if you love filming and acting. It is extremely fun especially for a group project. Check this post for tips on Video Project.
  • Game Project: Game is a good way to help people learn as well as being entertained. Game could be a board game or computer game.
  • Song/Rap Project: Are you good at singing or rapping? Show your talent by doing a project by a song or rap. People also tend to enjoy these types of project more.
  • Hand-made Project: Present information or ideas by making something yourself. The hand-made project can be anything depending on your goal of the project. For example, you could make a globe with geography knowledge on it for geography class project.
  • Posters Can Be Creative: People may think poster project is not as good as other ideas since many think of this idea first when doing a project. But posters can be creative, you just have to use your brain to make it that way.

Tip Two: Preparation Is Important

Creative project can never be made if one does not work hard on it. Project does take a lot of planning and thoughts. You should not procrastinate, because you can not complete an awesome project when there is not much time left. Know ahead of time how long it is expected to take and what materials you need. And if you are working within a group, make sure everyone works together and have even responsibilities. Choose who you work with carefully. People who are never on time and do not take their responsibilities well should be avoided. And you should not be those people, because they will never go far. Also, keep in mind that communication and team spirit are essential to have a successful group project.

Tip Three: Have Fun 

Being creative is a lot of fun, because you are accomplishing something by your own ideas and effort. You should work hard on the project, but do not forget to enjoy the process. Especially for a group creative project, listen to others’ thoughts and express yours as well. Do not put too much pressure on others, instead, lead others to have fun with you. That would create a much better project than one created by an unhappy group.

To get some inspiration of creative ideas,check this link and Columbia College’s article on creative projects.

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